Spotify Premium Account Free Download – 3 Methods (Working)

Spotify Premium Account Free Download – 3 Methods (Working)

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Spotify has a platform to provide control on moreover 50 million tracks. But why not avail of this premium account profitability for free? The first-ever question hits an individual’s mind. How can we get a premium for free for which we have to charge monthly? Is it possible to do so? So the answer is yes we can get Spotify premium for free but not from the Spotify application directly. We have to block it or make use for free of it by ourselves.

How to get Spotify Premium Account for free?

There are many different methods to crack the premium account for free; discussing the first one that you can use is,

  1. By Trial account:

That all you have to do is to open an online tool offered by a website named “” to reset the settings and to get the Spotify premium account trial without any detection of viruses and other warnings. It only gives you access to the change date of the trial so you can use your Spotify trial for a long time or as much as you want to.

Changing the date of the premium account only hit up a single question that “Will it ban our account from Spotify? “. So the answer is no. it will not let your account to be banned. Your account will be saved because this method is not considered illegal; we are just using the trial which Spotify offers by itself for free. It’s just we make access to change the date rapidly so we can use it for a long time. After every seven days, your account will be renewed with the help of the tool so you can enjoy unlimited music as much as you want. However, you can open the tool whenever you want it only requires your name of the account.

  1. By using Emails and Password:

The second way to get Spotify premium for free is to get the free account name and password. How can we get this free account and its password to access? Will it create any trouble or not? So, No it will not create any sort of problem just you have to do is to follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Search for the term Spotify “free accounts” on Google and filter it by the date. Go for the accounts which are posted on the very recent date.
  • Collect different accounts and passwords from different recently updated sites and then check them all one by one on Spotify’s login site.
  • It is recommended to use your laptop or PC to do it so. Because it will not consume your that much time and you can easily copy and paste the user name and ID online.

Some of the email accounts and their passwords use for logging in are,

Username                                   Password                            Updated

  • [email protected]        |       chiron-3             |                January 2019
  • [email protected]       |       7171jason           |               January 2019
  • [email protected]   |    d7kh93mz             |            January 2019
  • [email protected]  |  bbbkk1982           |             January 2019
  • [email protected]                  |  michelle123           |            January 2018
  • [email protected]    |    minecraftprox      |               January 2018
  • [email protected]  |  bearlove95            |             January 2018
  • [email protected]   |  piterpiter              |              January 2018
  • [email protected]  |   dylanmusic           |             January 2018
  1. Modified premium app: (Using VPN)

  • Delete all the previous Spotify applications
  • Search different websites to get this hacked modified app.
  • After getting the application you have to install it on your cellphone(Androids prevent to install any third application like this so manage the installation into the settings of your cellphone) or PC
  • You cannot use this application instantly after installing it. You need to set up the account, but after setting up your system will detect the hack version application and will send you a warning message
  • Now after knowing the risk, you have to go from the following further steps for accessing the Spotify premium

Steps to Follow:

  1. Download VPN on your device
  2. Select the drop-down list
  3. Select the location you want to mention as your VPN connection
  4. Turn on the VPN connection
  5. Once connected, open Spotify premium
  6. Create or signup in an account
  7. You can enter both your or the shared email addresses on sites
  8. The account will be logged in free, now you can enjoy your Spotify premium

These three above mentioned methods are the simple and most working ones for blocking free a premium account of Spotify. However, it is recommended to buy the account if you can afford rather of blocking it, but for making it free without using a penny includes there two mostly used and save methods.

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